Magherafelt P6/7 Tuition Class

Primary 6/7 Maths/English tuition class. Magherafelt Parish Centre. Every Tuesday.

Garden Plan

Mary draws a scale plan of her garden. Each side of a paving slab on her plan measures 8mm. The side of a real paving slab in the garden measures 24cm. What is the scale of Mary’s plan? 1cm represents … more


Change the following fractions to percentages and list them in order starting with the smallest. 7/10; 9/20; 3/8; 1/4; 2/50; 4/5

The Answer is 12

a=6 b=4 c=2 d=0 Which of the following gives an answer of 12? (axb)/2; 2bcd ; acd ; ac+b

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Money in the Purse!

Mary has 30 coins in her purse. It contains at least one of the following coins: 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p. What are the maximum and minimum amounts of money that could be in her purse?

Lines of Symmetry

How many lines of symmetry are there in the following triangles? 1. Scalene 2. Equilateral 3. Isosceles

Insert Apostrophe To Show Possession

1.The babys toy fell on the floor. 2.The childrens toys were left out in the rain. 3.The boys names were in alphabetical order. 4.The mens truck was dirty. 5.Sarahs friend came to visit her on Saturday.

Correct Spelling?

The word ‘calender’ is spelt incorrectly. Which of the following is the correct spelling? a) callendar b) calendar c) calandar d) calander

How Many Times Greater?

How many times is the 7 in 73.4 greater than the 7 in 4.71?